Super Squadra Cycling Clinics

Since 2009 Super Squadra has organized regular bike racing clinics for both beginner and advanced racers. The team’s clinics teach cyclists to ride comfortably in packs, take turns efficiently in close quarters, and become familiar with the various intricacies of racing. We instill in our clinic attendees a sense of calmness and confidence within the peloton, thereby leading to fewer crashes from anxiousness and over reaction.

Each Super Squadra member’s depth of experience and status as one of the state’s top cyclists makes them knowledgeable and authoritative instructors. The team’s small size and tight team chemistry makes for fluid clinic organization.

Super Squadra’s cycling clinics serve as both an opportunity to give back to the community, and share information about the team’s sponsors with novice cyclists. Clinic attendees rave about the lessons and skills they learn at our clinics, and in turn support the businesses and organizations that sponsor Super Squadra.


What Participants Say About Super Squadra Clinics…

You guys did a great job of giving direct advice, demonstrating skills, and encouraging every participant appropriately. I learned some excellent tips in before and during the practice race and performed better than my previous three crits at the Driveway Series. I actually gained a lot of confidence back.

– Dr. Tony Bain

You guys did a nice job with clinic last night. It made the drive over from Houston worth the trip.

– Terry Garrett

Your help and advice are very sage and welcome. SS runs a tight ship, and you guys are a true driving force in cycling education (and ass kickery) in Texas. Good job.

– Joe Doyle

Thanks again for these clinics. It’s a great outreach to less experienced racers. I am thrilled that you took the time to pay attention to me during the practice race, and I appreciate your positive feedback.

– Peter Mullarkey